Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pirate and Princess Seventh Birthday

My daughter turned seven and, even though after last year's exhausting birthday celebration my husband and I swore we'd never have another party at home, we had a Pirates and Princess Party.  I think I was more excited about the theme than my daughter was!  She had attended a luau party over the summer and wanted that as her theme, but I convinced her that a luau theme would be fun at any age but a Pirate and Princess would be perfect for now.  I had a lot of plans involving my cricut, vinyl and gemstones but, between work, school and other commitments, time got away from me.  But I love the way the things I did find the time to do came out!

I had seen other people use shrinky dink film to make all sorts of things, and so I wanted to make these wine charms so the kids could keep their cups straight.  I wasn't serving wine, of course, but I found awesomely appropriate goblets at Oriental Trading Company.  I used my black cricut pen to draw the skull and crossbones from Life's a Party, at 2.5 in, then went back over it and cut it out.  I used the deep cut blade and multi cut 2 and they cut perfectly.  The tag is an old sizzix die and I just wrote the names in sharpie.  I baked them according to package directions and they came out perfect!  The beads and holder came from Oriental Trading and I used frosted instead of clear shrinky dink film from grafix arts, I think.
 The girls charms turned out a bit trickier.  I used colored shrinky dink film and found it a lot harder to work with.  I needed to multi cut 3 times instead of 2 and sometimes I still had to make a cut with scissors here or there.  The crowns came from Storybook and the first one in the picture below kept curling.  Out of six, I had only 2 that weren't folded over on themselves.
 So I tried switching to a less intricate crown, and it, too, curled and wouldn't uncurl.  I ended up using them curled and firguring it gave them a more 3D crown look.

 The purple one is the "before" baking and the green the after.  The tags, too, would not lay flat, event though they were the same cut as the frosted and the frosted ones curled, then uncurled like the package claims they will. 

I don't know why this picture is flipping, but these are the goblets with the charms on them.  They were a big hit!  The only problem was that the princess goblets came in a pack of 12, half with pink gems and the other half blue and of course all the girls wanted pink.
Thanks for looking, I'll post more party picts soon!

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  1. What a cute idea! I'll keep these charms in mind if I ever decide to host another birthday party. (I also keep saying "never again", but I usually do anyway!)

    Thanks for sharing!